University Access Officer (West Midlands Region)

Birmingham, United Kingdom · Programme Delivery


Applications Deadline: Thursday, 28th March (9am)

Start date: TBC – end of April / beginning of May

Starting salary of: £21,000, rising by £1,000 after 6 months and £1,000 after 12 months, subject to performance

Contract: Full-time, permanent

Job Location:

Academic requirements: University degree

Interview date: Wednesday 3rd April


About The Access Project

The Access Project is a groundbreaking charity that helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds win places at top universities. This is an issue that matters: at present the most affluent young people are 7 times more likely to attend a highly selective university than their less privileged peers. Unsurprisingly this is a significant factor in the decline in social mobility in the UK in recent years, and we are working to fix it.

The main way we address this issue is by helping students from less affluent backgrounds to achieve better grades: we match our students with a volunteer graduate who tutors them for an hour a week. We also have a team of talented University Access Officers who work directly in schools to deliver university support that enables our students to progress to competitive universities.

The Access Project is a regional organisation, working with schools in London and the Midlands.

The Access Project is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and will expect the University Access Officer to share this commitment.

About the role

University Access Officers manage the day-to-day running of the programme in The Access Project’s partner schools. They work closely with students, staff at all levels, tutors, and with the rest of The Access Project’s team to ensure that the delivery of the programme is optimised. They enjoy a significant degree of autonomy. They may also take responsibility for managing senior stakeholders at our corporate partners.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to work on the ‘front line’ of addressing educational disadvantage, as well as benefiting from opportunities to become involved in the wider work of The Access Project as it continues to expand.

This is a challenging role, which is well-suited to resilient individuals looking to pursue a career in education and/or the social enterprise/charity sectors.

Duties and responsibilities of our University Access Officers:

Coordinating The Access Project’s programme in our partner schools

  1. Building and maintaining relationships with staff and students to drive awareness of and enthusiasm for the programme.
  2. Working with school staff to ensure their cooperation and timely completion of activities contributing to the smooth running of the programme.

Managing and improving one-to-one tutorials

The University Access Officers:

  1. Recruit students to the programme and match them with volunteer tutors.
  2. Proactively support both students and tutors.
  3. Use the schools’ existing reporting on students’ academic and pastoral progress to monitor the impact of tutorials, and intervene as appropriate.
  4. Use The Access Project’s additional reporting lines to manage the tutorials. This often includes liaising directly with students, teachers and tutors.

Delivering The Access Project’s programme of university support activities at the school

  1. Delivering intensive one-to-one support to all Access Project students, and assessing their progress towards being able to make successful university applications.
  2. Delivering group activities such as workshops and assemblies (e.g. around subject choice guidance).
  3. Building strong relationships with students to support them on their journey through GCSEs, A Levels and university applications.

Reporting to the schools and The Access Project

  1. The University Access Officers are based in our partner schools but they spend 1 day each week in The Access Project’s central office undertaking training and feeding into internal projects to improve the quality of delivery of the programme.
  2. The University Access Officers are line managed by The Access Project. Each school also nominates a Programme Supervisor, who focuses on the performance of their particular in-school programme.

Any other responsibilities reasonably deemed necessary by the Access Project’s Programme Managers or Director

Person specification

We are seeking applications from individuals who are:



Knowledge/experience of working and/or volunteering in schools or the education sector.

Please note, as a minimum requirement, applicants will:

Notice period

University Access Officers can terminate their employment by giving written notice at least two months before the end of term in the autumn and spring terms, and at least three months before the end of the summer term. We highlight this as it is a standard notice period in schools but more unusual in the charity sector.

Disclosure of a Criminal Record

The Rehabilitation of Offenders 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) Order 1986 does not apply to posts where there is access to children. This means that applicants for employment which involves working with children and young people must disclose any criminal record. If your application is successful, you are required to make these disclosures and consent to The Access Project verifying the accuracy of your response with the Disclosure and Barring Service.

If you require further information, please contact The Access Project on 020 3960 6592

To Apply - please submit your application by providing answers to the questions on the application form on the following page. These test areas of the person specification. CVs cannot be accepted.

The Access Project’s mission

We work with high-potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing in-school support and personalised tuition to help them gain access to selective universities.

Our Aim:

The Access Project is an education charity that works with schools in which 30% or more of pupils are on free school meals (50% or more of students receive pupil premium), to pair graduate volunteers with disadvantaged students for weekly one-to-one tutoring and an intensive programme preparing students for university applications.

The programme combats educational inequality and improves social mobility by raising students’ grades and supporting them to understand the pathway to a top university.

The Access Project has a network of over 1200 volunteer tutors and works with more than 1200 students in 28 schools in London and in the Midlands.

The Access Project’s values

  • Community - We build a community of schools, volunteers and partner organisations that share a common vision.
  • Motivation - We harness and reward motivation.
  • Development - We promote a culture of excellence, improvement and innovation.
  • Academic Excellence - We help students achieve their potential by matching them with tutors who have been given excellent resources and training.
  • Guidance for candidates applying for a job with The Access Project. Please read this carefully BEFORE you start to fill in the application form.

  • The application form plays a crucial part in the selection process, both in deciding whether you will be invited to an interview and at the interview itself. It is vital that you complete this form as fully and accurately as possible. We will not make any assumptions about your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to do the job. CV’s or responses such as ‘see CV’ will not be accepted. Read the full vacancy details carefully before you start. All parts of the application form must be completed. Application form Complete this section fully, with relevant examples as evidence of your capabilities. All successful applicants will be required to produce documentary evidence of their eligibility to work in the UK*. Verification of identity is required before confirmation of appointment. Present or most recent employment It is important to give full information, including the organisation you work in, or most recent employment if not currently working, full dates, address and explanation of any gaps in employment. References All appointments are subject to verification of employment and suitability of the candidate for the post applied for. We reserve the right to approach any previous employer for a reference and to verify their identity, but will request your permission before doing so. If you have experience of working with children please include this as one of your references. Previous employment Ensure that you put in full dates, names addresses and your job title. Be careful not to leave any unexplained gaps. Details of part time and relevant voluntary work should also be entered. Education, Qualifications and Training Ensure you give all the information requested, including dates, establishment where you studied and make clear the level of any examinations e.g. GCSE, GCE 'O' Level or 'A' Level or equivalents etc. and the grades you obtained. Also include here any skills training you have had. You will be required to produce original documentary evidence of any qualifications relevant to the job, and these will be detailed on the person specification. Proof of qualification is required before the appointment is confirmed.
  • Benefits

    Flexible working options

    Further information

    Please direct any queries to our email via: [email protected]

    For further information about The Access Project, please see our website via:

    PLEASE IGNORE THE NOTICE ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE AS LinkedIn Resumes CANNOT be accepted. We can only accept applications that have fully responded to the questions in the application form. Thank you for your understanding.

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